James Campbell Company, LLC

About Us


The James Campbell Company LLC is a private, Hawai’i-based, nationally diversified real estate company with assets in 16 states including Hawaii and Washington, D.C. These assets include ground leases, office, retail, and industrial properties.

The City of Kapolei

The company has two operating divisions:
Real Estate Investment Management, manages the Company's portfolio of high quality income producing real estate assets in 16 states including Hawai'i and Washington, D.C.  The division is also responsible for disposition of the Company's low-income producing agricultural and conservation land in Hawai'i. 

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Kapolei Properties LLC is focused on the development of the City of Kapolei on the island of Oahu, and on economic development and job creation in the Kapolei Region.   

In 2007, the James Campbell Company succeeded the Estate of James Campbell, a 107-year-old private trust that was the legacy of one of Hawai’i's foremost business pioneers. The Estate played a pivotal role in Hawai’i's history, from the growth of sugar plantations to the growing new City of Kapolei.